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Photo: white teapot pouring the infusion into a transparent cup on a transparent saucer, on which a teaspoon is placed.

INGREDIENTS: Lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, linden, monarda, calendula, mallow.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Best before the end of 2025. Herbs packaged in 2023. Mixing lot IS0123.


Coredo di Predaia


Azienda Agricola Dal Brolio - Il lago fiorito

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Coredo di Predaia



The packaging is in the shape of a small bag, made of paper. You have to grab it at the top, lift the clip at the ends, break the paper label along the folded side, lift the folds of the packaging and open it. Once the product has been used, close the packaging, reusing the same clip.

Coredo di Predaia



Boil some water, turn off the heat, add about a spoonful of herb for each cup and leave to infuse for about 7 minutes with a lid.

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Photo: six packs of various infusions, made up of brownish paper packets with a white label. Next to the packagings, two transparent cups half full of infusion and near them a metal infuser.

By carefully mixing our essences we obtain a precious selection of fragrant and colorful infusions with well-known phytotherapeutic properties.

Lumberjack infusion - Lemon balm, raspberry, elderberry, linden, cornflower.

Infusion of the friars - Mint, raspberry, lemon balm, strawberry, calendula, monarda, cornflower.

Tobias Infusion - Mint, sage, mallow.

Infusion of the old sawmill - Mint, nettle, sage, mallow, calendula, cornflower.

Witches Infusion - Lemon balm, alchemilla, blackcurrant, yarrow, evening primrose, cornflower, chamomile.

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Photo: four hands of two operators working the bright orange-red saffron, all resting on a small light brown woven wicker top.

Dal Brolio is a small family-run farm, specialized in the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, obtained from a small field on the shores of Lake Coredo in Val di Non Trentino. We produce a fine selection of infusions, aromatic salts, flowering sugars, scented syrups, ointments and natural cosmetics. All our products are prepared and packaged by hand with extreme delicacy and attention; this allows us to keep the properties, perfume and beauty unchanged as much as possible.

More than just infusions!
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Photo: white cushion with vertical stripe in the middle of dark green cardboard and white lettering for product information and the company logo.

In addition to herbal teas and infusions, our range of products includes: aromatic salts, ornamental sugars, syrups, cosmetics, aromatherapy pillows, dried and packaged pure essences. Discover them all!

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